OXFORD LANCERS 8-19 exeter demons

After a long wait, Oxford finally geared up to have their first contest in Division 1 against the Exeter Demons. 

The game would prove to be a defensive showdown, both teams put their bodies to the test as they fought hard to gain every inch this past Sunday. 

The Demons had the chance to opening the scoring on their first drive but missed a FG attempt. After this drive, the half went back and forth, a true field position battle. The Lancers forced the Demons to fumble the ball twice and also added an INT by CB Josh Allen. However, the Demons would fight back just as hard. They managed to record 2 INTs in the first half as well. 

The Demons were the first team to break the stalemate. Half way through the second quarter, they were set-up with solid field position due to a defensive INT. Starting on the Lancers 26 yard line, they were able to connect a pass to the back of the endzone and put their team up 6-0. The Lancers blocked the extra point attempt and the half ended with the Demons up by one score. 

The second half began much the same as the first. The Lancers and the Demons continued to battle it out and search for a weakness to exploit. The Demons managed to get some solid field position late in the third quarter and managed two more scores starting from the Lancers 24 and 26 yard lines.  The Lancers managed to block another extra point and went into the fourth quarter down 19-0. 

Despite being down 19-0, the Lancers continued to battle. Late in the fourth quarter the Lancer offensive found its rhythm and showed what it could do. Starting from their own 27 yard line the quickly marched the ball down the field. QB Will Szymanski hooked up with WR Machmud Makhmudov for a massive 68 yard TD bomb. The Lancers followed this up with a successful 2 point conversion as Szymanski ran a QB draw into the endzone. 

The game ended 19-8 for the Demons but the Lancers proved they deserve their place in Division 1. The Demons were a tough opponent but the Lancers never gave in and fought hard to the finish. Still they gained some much needed experience and now set their sights on the Solent Thrashers, the first opponent they will face next term. 








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