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Oxford Lancers vs Chichester Spitfires Match Report, 14/11/21

Oxford Lancers 41-6 Chichester Spitfires

Tilsley Park, Abingdon

The Oxford Lancers kickstarted their long awaited 2021-2022 campaign against the University of Chichester Spitfires at Tilsley Park, a site historically dominated by the Lancers, where they hold a 4-0 record and a 43-point average margin of victory. Coming off a narrow 14-0 loss to the ever-competitive University of Kingston, the Spitfires were sure to provide quite the challenge for the youthful and inexperienced Lancers roster and were truly a worthy adversary for Oxford’s home opener.

After electing to defer, the Spitfires kicked off to the Lancers. The Oxford offense, led by quarterback Nolan Whitcomb, was able to make quick work of the Spitfires’ defense, moving down the field efficiently by way of quick passes to Bill De La Rosa, as well as heavy doses of David Ojeabulu and Nolan Whitcomb in the run game. Unfortunately, following a sack on 2nd down, Nolan Whitcomb threw an interception deep into Spitfires’ territory, effectively ending the drive with no points to show for it.

Luckily for the offense, the defense came through, shutting down any semblance of a Spitfire attack. The Eric Hembling led defense rallied to the ball, tackling as a unit, and forced a quick three and out. Joel Chesters came out at quarterback for the second possession, and quickly showed off both his elite speed and arm talent, making big plays with both his legs and through the air. David Ojeabulu also helped the Lancers’ cause with a massive 30-yard breakaway run, which ultimately set up the 10-yard touchdown pass from Joel Chesters to Bill De La Rosa. Ollie Williams converted the extra point, making the score 7-0.

Once again, the Lancers’ defense held strong, and forced another three and out. Key tackles made by Miles Keat and Joel Chesters, along with a pass breakup by Owen Morris, shutdown the Spitfires’ aerial offense.

Moving into the second quarter, Nolan Whitcomb led the offense onto the field for a second time. Sparked by Nolan Whitcomb and David Ojeabulu runs, the Lancers methodically worked their way down the field, chewing up the clock. The drive finally finished on a 15-yard touchdown pass from Nolan to Drew Robertson, with Drew picking the ball out of double coverage. Ollie once again converted. Score: 14-0.

With the tone set early on, the game continued in the Lancers favor. The defense was stout, and held fast for a third time, forcing another three and out off the back of the Lancers’ relentless interior penetration, led by Stewart Humble and William Wells. It then only took Joel one play to link up with Drew Robertson deep down the field for the touchdown. Unfortunately, Ollie hit the post on the conversion, making the score 20-0

The Lancers then found points from an unexpected source. After trotting out onto the field down big in the first half, Chichester began to air the ball out more. However, this was ultimately a mistake, as Drew Robertson came flying off the edge and devoured the Spitfires’ quarterback, forcing the ball loose in the process. Owen Morris scooped up the footbll and walked into the endzone untouched. 27-0. Finally, with time running out in the second half, the Lancers were able to drive quickly down the field. David was able to punch the ball in from 2 yards out, and Oxford went into the half 34-0.

The second half was much more of the same, with Oxford controlling all three phases of the game. The offense was able to move the ball at will, and Joel Chesters added more points on to the board with a wild scramble, eluding the entire Spitfires’ defense en route to the end zone. Ollie continued his stellar kicking night, nailing the extra point, and increasing the lead to 41-0. The defense continued to play lights out. William Wells and Drew Robertson continued to wreak havoc in the backfield. George Newick provided key run support, and the linebackers didn’t let anything past them. Eventually, the Spitfires did indeed find paydirt by way of a long wheel route down their sideline. However, the defense shut down the 2-point conversion, and the lead was only cut to 41-6.

And so the score remained for the rest of the game. Due to the score, the game was played with a running clock, and so the match ended promptly. It was a strong victory for the Lancers team, despite the tough competition. A big congratulations must also be given for the Chichester team, who gave it their all despite being low on numbers and coming off a game just the previous week. They played a hard-fought game and showed exemplary levels of class on and off the field. Hats off to the Spitfires.


Oxford Lancers Chichester Spitfires

Pass - 9/20, 152 yards, 3 TDs, INT Pass - 3/13, 61 yards, TD

Run - 18 rushes, 198 yards, 2 TDs Run - 17 rushes, 25 yards


MVP - Drew Robertson

5 receptions, 88 yards, 2 TDs

2.5 sacks, 3 TFLs, 8 tackles, FF

OMVP - Nolan Whitcomb

Pass - 8/16, 94 yards, TD, INT

Run - 10 rushes, 63 yards

DMVP - Eric Hembling

2 TFLs, 6 tackles, FR (6 yard return)

Hammer - William Wells

2 TFLs, 5 tackles

Juice - Drew Robertson and Owen Morris

(for Drew’s strip-sack leading to Owen’s fumble-recovery TD)


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