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Jonny 'Priest' Brookes Bartlett


31 Games

5 seasons

12/13 to 16-17

[4 seasons with Southampton stags before Lancers = 59 Bucs games in career]


9 Rush TDs, 4 Receiving TDs, 1 Defensive TD


12-13  MVP

13-14  MVP

14-15  DMVP + TD of the year

16-17  MVP

Cavs Cup 3-2

Varsity Bowl 1-4


Priest became known throughout the league as a Lancers because he played with his red helmet from his Stags days. Despite having that visual target it did not stop Priest winning three MVPS titles in his five seasons. Currently Priest is the only Lancer to have won more than one MVP.  Although a both way player throughout his Lancers career, he would play several positions and was simply dominating in every game. A player that was explosive on offense and a momentum changer on defense. Due to injuries Priest missed a few games, but having spent four years at Southampton, we don’t believe there can be many players in the Bucs era that has more than 59 games played in Uniball.

Will Szymanski


46 games (40 consecutive games played)

6 seasons

2013/14 to 2018/19


53 Passing TDs. 18 Rushing TDs


Lancers records:

Most games played (46)

Most consecutive games (40)

Most Lancers Pass TDs All time (53)

Most Lancers Pass TDs Season (21)

Most Lancers Pass TDs in one game (5)


14-15  OMVP and A**hole of the year

15-16  OMVP and A**hole of the year

16-17  Veteran of the year

17-18  OMVP

18-19  OMVP and Varsity Bowl MVP

Cavs Cup 4-2

Varsity Bowl 3-3

blades 6.jpg

Having played high school football in the States, Will came to the club with a great football mind. He won the starting Qb position instantly and for six straight seasons carried on as the starter, missing just one game because of a date clash when a game was rescheduled out of term.


A dedicated team member and inspirational captain. Will led the team as QB, but was also a mainstay in the Executive, having the roles of Social, Kit manager and in his final season President. In his six seasons, he has been instrumental in the team winning one playoff game, a runners up plate in the University flag championship, four Cavalier Cups and three Varsity Cups. The last game of his career was the 19-9 win in Cambridge, where he won the game’s MVP. 

Benedict 'Hitme' Shillito


32 Games 

4 seasons

2012/13 to 15/16


12-13 Rookie of the Year

14-15 Hammer of the year and most Improved

15-16 Nominated for Norman Smiley Award by Oxford University

Cavs Cup 3-2

Varsity Bowl 1-3


Hitme started his Lancers career at running back, and loved the sport and became a mainstay of the team. During the 2014-15 season he became a both way player playing both inside Linebacker and Guard. In his final season his stats were through the roof, notching 38 tackles, a further 8.5 tackles for loss, 4.5 sacks, 1 block, 1 interception and 3 fumble recoveries all while playing Guard on the other side.

Connor Thompson


33 games 

5 seasons

2015/16 - 2019/20


24 Rush TDs. 2 receiving TDs.  1 FG


Lancers records

Most Rush TDs all time (24)

Most Rush TDs per season (9)

Most Rush TDs per game (4)



15-16 Rookie of the year

16-17 OMVP and TD of the year 

17-18 MVP and Varsity Bowl MVP

18-19 ST MVP

19-20 TD of the Year 

Cavs Cup 3-2

Varsity Bowl 3-1


During the 15-16 pre-season Connor was 3rd depth at running back, but by the time the first game came round, he notched up over 250 all purpose yards and has since started practically every game in four seasons at running back. Upon entering his fifth year he is taking up the mantle of Social secretary, a role that he had run two seasons prior. Connor holds the record for the most rushing TDs in a Lancers career (22) the most rushing Tds in a season (90) and the most rushing Tds by one player in a game (4). Connor has 9 rushing Tds against Cambridge in four game. In the 2017-18 demolition of Cambridge, Connor won the game's MVP after a 200+ yd game and 4 rushing Tds. 

Rob Main


36 games 

5 seasons

2015/16 to 2019-2020


15-16 Nominated for Rookie of the year

16-17 Hammer of the year

17-18 Hammer of the year. Nominated for MVP

19-20 MVP

Cavs Cup 3-2

Varsity Bowl 3-1 


Rob joined the team after playing 3 years for the Oxford Blues Ice Hockey Team (2 as Captain). In our record breaking 2015-16 season Rob started at Center and dominated on the offensive line with stints on the DL. By his second season he was playing both sides of the ball and for the next three seasons rarely took a snap off. In his second season, his role on the Executive Committee as Secretary was huge, and he also built the Oxford Lancers website. During the summers, Rob also played for the city team, the Oxford Saints, picking up Rookie of the Year and Lineman of the Year Awards in his first two seasons. In the 2017-18 season he also became the offensive line coach whilst being a player, which he did at a high level for two seasons.

Oscar Rahnama


30 games

6 seasons

2013/14 to 2018/19

Cavs Cup 4-2

Varsity Bowl 3-3


Oscar came to the team during his Phd years, and had previously played football in Canada. Despite kitting up for the Lancer over six years, his commitment to his research and work has meant that in the last few seasons he had to miss several games. However due to Oscar’s flexibility and understanding of the game, he could be plugged in any where across the defensive and offensive line, and often played most games both ways. He played a huge part in his final game a stonking 9-19 away win in Cambridge

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