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Prospective Players FAQ

Q: Do you wear full kit?


A: Yep, we wear pads, helmets and everything else! In a typical year we play the full-contact version of the game, just like you see on TV in the NFL or NCAA. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we may not be able to participate in full-contact matches until Hilary Term, but in the mean time we’ll still have plenty of training and chances to try a non-contact version of the game!


Q: How hard is it to balance sport, social life and academics? ​


A: While the academic workload at Oxford can be daunting at times, practically all of our players have no problem balancing their work with team activities whilst getting the most out of the social side of Oxford at the same time! What’s more, the team runs regular socials, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to know your teammates outside of training as well.


Q: What does the social side of the team look like?


A: Usually the team has loads of socials during term time! During the NFL season we typically meet at our local pub every Sunday to watch the games together, and this culminates with the famed Oxford Lancers Super Bowl Party each February! We also host various other socials - some of our most recent ones have included pub crawls, a wing night, and a scavenger hunt around Oxford. The social side of Oxford will obviously looking a bit different in the current climate, but our Social Secretary is working hard to make sure the club can still run plenty of Covid-secure socials this year!


Q: Do you have trials or can anyone join? ​


A: Anyone can join the team! Most of our top players joined the team having never played American Football before. We have a couple of taster sessions at the start of the year to give you a feel for what it’s like training and playing for the club, and from there on our amazing coaches will get you completely up to speed. You’ll come out of the first term feeling like you’ve been playing your whole life!


Q: What do the taster sessions involve? ​


A: The taster sessions are non-contact, and are designed to give you a feel for the game if you’ve never played before. You’ll get to meet our coaches and current players, and try out various positions to see which one fits you best, as well as some other fun games. All you need to bring are trainers, water and lots of enthusiasm!


Q: How often do you compete? ​


A: In a typical year we compete in the BUCS American Football League - throughout the year we typically play 6-8 matches against other nearby universities. This year our season has been delayed until January, but we still fully plan on competing when Hilary comes around – we may have some non-contact friendlies in Michaelmas too! On top of this, later in the year we have our 2 annual grudge matches: The Cavalier Cup against Oxford Brookes, and the Varsity Bowl against Cambridge. These games are always the highlights of our season, and often gather a crowd of several hundred people to watch!


Q: Can disabled athletes join your club? ​


A: Definitely! We make sure anyone who wants to can become a Lancer, so we’ll do everything we can to accommodate for any disabilities you may have!


Q: Do you have a coach or is it student-run? ​


A: We have several volunteer coaches, who have all played the game for years themselves. They do an incredible job getting you prepared for all our matches, and you’ll have a fantastic opportunity to work with your positional coach to make your game the best it can be! The club itself is student-run by a committee of players who are elected once a year, and they make sure everything runs smoothly throughout the season!


Q: Are you better than the Tabs? ​


A: So far, we’ve won the Varsity Bowl 7 times, compared to Cambridge’s 5. We also smashed them in both of the previous two matches. The results speak for themselves.

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