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Kieran Keel 1993-2014

       #88         WR/DB

Kieran Keel was a beloved and integral member of the Oxford Lancers who was taken away from us too early at the young age of 20. He came up to Oxford in Autumn 2012, and instantly became a great teammate and friend. He was a leader on and off the field, being a great football player and the team’s Social Sec.


He was a man with the instinct of making the right play and the right time, putting himself on the line for the betterment of the team. He also represented our team to the outside world at socials, always making sure everyone would come out and have a good time. He embodied and continues to uphold the Lancer spirit, which he helped create. It didn’t matter how fast or strong he was, he gave his whole heart to the team and left it all out on the field.


That’s what made him a great Lancer, and an example for generations to come.

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