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OXFORD LANCERS 23-0 Brookes panthers

Oxford Lancers at Oxford Brookes Panthers 23-0 (Sun. 7th Feb. 2016)


Super Bowl Sunday in Oxford not only sees the clash of the NFL's best, but also between two cross-town rivals who share this town: Oxford University Lancers and the Oxford Brookes Panthers.

The last contest was highly competitive, seeing the Lancers squeak out a close win, 13-12, making this game a greatly anticipated match.


Once again, the Lancers' defense started strong, putting early pressure on the Panthers' QB, and being able to force fumbles and gain possession. Many of the Lancers' drives started in good field position due to the strong play of the D-line, and in particular DT Llew 'Dragon' Davies.


The Lancers' offense responded, taking cue from HC Andy McKenzie's game plan, executing the running game to perfection, lead by Will Szymanski, Ahmad Nasir, and Connor Thompson. The first drive saw two 15 yard gains by WR Ahmad Nasir, who got the nod today at RB. He punched it in from the 5 yard line. Lancers 6-0 Panthers. No PAT.


The Lancers continued their dominant defense and running game; rarely giving up first downs, and continually pounding the rock to great effect. One stellar catch and run from WR Alex Dale saw the Lancers at the goal line, which was subsequently punched in for a running TD by Nasir. Lancers 13 - 0 Panthers, with the extra point.


The game started to become more evenly matched, with the Panthers stretching the field with long passes. Still, the Lancers were able to maintain the momentum with another forced fumble by Dragon, and the offense capitalised with another running TD by Nasir. Lancers 20 - 0 Panthers, with the extra point. The Panthers made a desperate try for the endzone, with a score called back for offensive PI, but to no avail. HT saw the Lancers comfortably in the lead.


The second half brought further parity, with turnovers abounding from both offenses in the 3rd quarter. It was a period dominated by the defenses on both teams.


Still, the Lancers remained resilient, and in the fourth quarter, after great running from RB Jonny 'Priest' Brooks-Bartlett, they were able to score on a 19 yard field goal from three way player and Lancers' kicker Alex Dale.


This sealed the victory for the Lancers, which brings the all-time record for the Cavaliers' Cup at 3-2 to Oxford.


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Ahmad Nasir

Connor Thompson

Ryan Davies

Alex Dale 

Henk Schopmans

Jonny Brooks

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