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OXFORD LANCERS 42-8 Canterbury christ church chargers

Oxford University Lancers –Canterbury Christ Church Chargers 

The Oxford Lancers finally got to play against the Chargers for the first time in their team history. Last year, the Chargers were unable to field a big enough squad, and last week the Lancer’s coach broke down heading to Canterbury.


The Lancers were looking for their third win of the season, as well as their seventh consecutive win. A win for the Lancers on this, the last game of 2015, would keep them undefeated for the whole calendar year.


The weather was mild but the wind was brewing in Wheatley and both teams knew that passing would probably be kept to a minimum. The Chargers took to the field first and ran it three times, before going for it on fourth down and five on their own 33. Jonny “Priest” Brookes was there to not only stop the first down, but to make a huge sack for negative ten yards, thus giving the Lancers great field position.


Facing a short field, the Lancers were ruthless in their execution. After several rushing yards Qb, Will Szymanski struck a perfect ten yard pass to Alex Dale for the first touchdown of the day. Alex Dale then converted the point after.


The Lancers defense were dominant throughout the first half, not allowing the Chargers a single first down in six drives . The Chargers in this time were minus 13 yards. The really bizarre thing was that the Chargers “went for it” on fourth down every time, and because of the Lancers brutal defense, the away team handed the Lancers short field on five successive drives. 

On their second drive, the Lancers had 37 yards to gain. Szymanski added to the score by running the ball in for the touchdown from the one. For the third drive, the Lancers had the ball on the Charger’s 21 yard line. Szymanski was the supplier once more, this time he fired it to starting free safety who was playing wide receiver, Tom Fox, whose amazing catch while in tight coverage saw the Lancers pick up their third touchdown in as many drives.


After yet another five plays, the Lancers had the ball on their opponent’s 15 yard line. This time Szymanski took to another receiver, Rob Moore, who came in with the score on his first catch of the season. The Chargers lost their second fumble of the day just two plays later on their one yard line, giving the Lancers offense another opportunity to run up the score. Szymanski punched it in for his second rushing touchdown, followed by a two yard ground strike from rookie running back Connor Thompson for the two point conversion.


This took us to the half with the Lancers leading 34-0 . Due to the Charger’s never punting, the Lancers had bizarrely just 97 yards of total offense, even though they had five touchdowns. 

After the break, the Charger’s defense began to up their game. The game was more or less over in the first few drives, but their team did not give up, and they got their first mini victory, stopping the Lancers for the first time. After receiving the kick off, (an on side one) it was the first time the Lancers had started the game in their first half. After one first down, the Lancers relinquished the ball via turnover on downs at the Charger’s 32 yard line.


The Chargers then found themselves some luck. They finally punted the ball, and after a Lancers player had touched the ball accidently the Chargers took possession on the one. Despite the referee’s blowing the play dead, a touchdown was somehow given to the away team, and before the Lancer’s defense could discover what happened the Chargers ran the ball in for the conversion.


While the game was still probably over the Lancers did not want to lose the second half. They also wanted to prove that they could put together a long drive, and not just score from short field positions. Their wish was granted when the chargers punted for the second time, giving the Lancers the ball on their own ten.

What occurred next was probably the finest Lancer drive this season. The Lancers marched 90 yards in 13 plays, without losing any yards on any play, or gaining any ground via penalties.


Szymanski capped the drive off firing for his fourth passing touchdown with a 10 yard strike to Rob Moore. Connor Thompson was there once again on the two point conversion, taking the score to 42-8 to the Lancers.


This became the final score as the Lancers punted on their final possession. This was a great way to end the 2015 and this half of the season, before the Christmas break.


The Lancers continue to stay at the top of the South East 2a division with a 3-0 record and a 49 points differential.

They look forward to their next game in the new year at Essex.

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Tom Fox

Will Szymanski

Tom Fox/Ryan Davies

Alex Dale

Matthew English

Josh Allen 

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