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07/05/16 Varsity Bowl X - Oxford Lancers v Cambridge Pythons

May 7th brings the most anticipated American Football matchup, pitting the two ancient English universities against each other in the oldest rivalry in sports.

It is the 5th match after the addition of American Football to BUCS, and the revival of the American Football clubs at each university. Cambridge have had the advantage in the four previous contests, which resulted in 1 draw and 3 wins for the Pythons. However, this matchup will prove to be extremely competitive.

The Oxford Lancers have been able to secure a promotion to Division 1 after an undefeated season, a playoff victory, and a narrow loss to the Portsmouth Destroyers in the Division 2 South final. The Lancers will be keen to prove their worth against an outfit in the division above. The Pythons secured their promotion last season, and have had tough matches this season, only being able to win 1 game. They’ll be raring to keep their winning streak going against Oxford.

Tickets for the game will be sold soon - Its your chance to get in on the ground floor of the newest BUCS sport contributing to the tradition of the oldest rivalry in the academic world.

More information to follow soon.

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