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UPDATES: OULAFCAA Annual General Meeting 2020-2021

Date/Time: Sunday, 5th September, 2021 from 6:00-8:00PM

Attendees: Typically, anyone who has donated at least 1 pound in the last calendar year is eligible to attend the AGM. Since this is the first AGM of the OULAFCAA, anyone who has donated at least 1 pound to the OULAFCAA at any point is eligible to attend.

Agenda: The OULAFCAA committee will present the goals that have been achieved and the plans for future goals with donation funds. The financial records will be presented to ensure all donators that funds which have been donated are being used responsibly. Questions and suggestions will be heard by the committee as to the future of the OULAFCAA. Election will be held for the current position up for renewal (Alumni Liaison), as well as a newly proposed position (Events Coordinator).

If you would like to run for either of the positions up for election, please contact us at:

Position Up for Election: Alumni Liaison and Events Coordinator (newly created position)

Current Candidate(s):

  • Alumni Liaison — William Dorsey

  • Events Coordinator — Josh Allen


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