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Season Awards and Blues Recipients

We would like to recognize the Lancers who received awards this year and those who

earned a Half-Blue and join our growing ranks of Half-Blue Alumni

Half-Blue Awards

Arb Xhamëni Ben Porter

Jamie Forsythe Dom Reedy

Josh Hindley Cristóbal Gómez

James Tufnell David Ojeabulu

Nolan Whitcomb George Newick

2019-2020 Season Awards

MVP: Robert Main ROOKIE OMVP: Dom Reedy

OMVP: Nolan Whitcomb ROOKIE DMVP: Gideon Blankstone

DMVP: Rory Smith MIP: Jamie Forsythe

HAMMER: Stewart Humble VETERAN: Arb Xhamëni

STMVP: Arb Xhamëni LANCER OF YEAR: Jamie Forsythe



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