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OULAFC Alumni Association

The OULAFC Alumni Association provides philanthropic support to the Lancers, with our vast network of former players and supporters helping to create financial stability for the team we all love so much. Your donations contribute tangible items to the team, allowing them to progress to the next level and reach goals that would not be possible without extra financial assistance.

We would like to report that our first year has been a massive success! We reached both of our primary goals: 1) to cover the costs of the HUDL subscription and 2) to outfit the team with new helmets that meet the new safety and concussion protocols. The entire team now wear Schutt XP Pro VTD II helmets! Funds raised by the Alumni Association directly contributed to the purchase of 40 new helmets, extra jawpads, and helmet maintenance equipment.

We would like to thank all who have and continue the support the Lancers through your donations! You are truly making a difference in the team and helping us build towards a stronger future!

Yours in Football,

The OULAFC Alumni Association Team.

Josh Parker Allen Robert Main Jamie Papasavvas Stewart Humble

Association Liaison Secretary Treasurer President, OULAFC


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